Blender optimizations settings for my rig

CCFLAGS = ['-pipe', '-fPIC', '-march=nocona', '-ftracer', '-fomit-frame-pointer', '-ffast-math', '-m3dnow', '-msse', '-msse2', '-msse3', '-msse4', '-mmmx', '-funroll-loops','-frerun-cse-after-loop', '-frerun-loop-opt', '-fforce-addr', '-funsigned-char', '-fno-strict-aliasing']


CXXFLAGS = ['-pipe', '-fPIC', '-march=nocona', '-ftracer', '-fomit-frame-pointer', '-ffast-math', '-m3dnow', '-msse', '-msse2', '-msse3', '-msse4', '-mmmx', '-funroll-loops', '-frerun-cse-after-loop', '-frerun-loop-opt', '-fforce-addr', '-funsigned-char', '-fno-strict-aliasing']

REL_CFLAGS = ['-O3', '-fomit-frame-pointer', '-funroll-loops']
REL_CCFLAGS = ['-O3', '-fomit-frame-pointer', '-funroll-loops']

how to alter them for my rig…

under CPUiD i have a AMD phenom II x6 1055t
instructions include:
MMX(=) 3DNow(+), SSE(1,2,3,4A),x86-64, AMD-V
thanks in advance…
i hope this helps others

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