Blender or After Effects?

For people who have used both programs for special effects (engine/weapon effects, flares, etc). Which do you prefer? I have about a year of experience using AE but no experience, outside of modeling, in Blender.

I would like to keep the entire project in one application but if you think that AE has superior tools, options, etc… then I will consider using both.

I would say ; Don’t do it to please us.

You will never know if Blender is sufficient for your needs if you don’t even try it.
Is it the project while you should try Blender ? We don’t know if it is a paid project or just for fun, if it is hard or simple.
We don’t have to take this responsibility.

If you add a precise example, people could say “you will have more degrees of freedom with Blender particles” or “forgot flares in Blender, use Natron”.
But we cannot guess your present or future use and it is not really the role of a stranger to define your workflow.