Blender or DarkBasic pro game engine comparaison

I wounder if any of you used to use DBP to create game and now switch to Blender to create games. What ares the major differences. :spin:

just one word: WORKFLOW
then in a depth review… you have modelling tools, in DBP not, you have rapid prototyping development, in DBP you have to import your media, code, etc… you have already tools than you used to pay extra in DBP has soft bodies, dinamics, etc… it’s easier to use, you can use it for different matters (vfx, video editing, games, etc…), multi platform : windows,linux, mac, do you want me to continue?

Yes go on. Can it create .exe or is anyone without Blender can play those games?

Yes, you can create exe, however you are not allowed to sell it(if your game is compiled with blender to exe file). But there are other methods to publish your game and to avoid GPL license of Blender.
And yes anyone can play your game without Blender.

That’s not true, it has to be Gpl licensed if you create the runtime with blender, but as far as I know, you can sell it anyway, there’s nothing in the GPL license that keeps you from doing it.

Keeping your assets away from the public is another matter, that has to be dealt with other ways of publishing your game other than the blenderplayer.(Edit: this may be wrong, as the BI projects use CC licenses for content; even though they’re quite as open as the GPL but with media instead of code)

If you create exe with blender it automatically goes under BlenderPlayer’s license, and you have to provide it as BlenderPlayer, free. It’s because blednerplayer is included in the exe as code.
However you can provide your .blend files and blenderplayer separately. Every blend file you create is copyrighted to you so you can do with it whatever you want. And blenderplayer can run it without being converted to exe.
The only thing you must do is to protect you blend files…and here comes C-106 Delta’s BPPlayer!
Ofcourse , you may not want to protect your blend files but still you can sell them.

Blender simply packages your .blend with the BlenderPlayer into one neat little file. This is convenient for distribution but inconvenient where licensing is concerned. You see, the resulting runtime is considered a “derivative form” of the BlenderPlayer, and according to the GPL, all derivative forms automatically inherit the GPL as their governing license

If you make your game into a runtime with Blender, your game may legally be used and distributed the same way Blender is–freely. Don’t make anything that you hope to maintain copyright to into a runtime.

Here is a link where Blendenzo explains in detail how to prepare and sell you game with blender.

In other words, yes i can sell “exe game” to one or two persons but, according to Blender’s GPL they can freely distribute my work, so what’s the point?!

Is there a AI for ennemy’s?

You have to create your own AI, there’s not really a lot of pre-packaged CONTENT there.

However, Blender WILL let you make pretty much whatever you want to make.

Well, the point is having your software free (libre) instead of closed source. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I understand your concerns, and I have no commercial success story of my own to back this up; but, just think about BigBuckBunny or the other projects from the Blender Institute.
They’re open, they sell them, but people can put them on the internet for free (BI puts it on the internet for free too), and yet, it seems like they manage to get enough funds to support the development.

It’s just another business model, different than traditional (closed source) software business ways.

Edit to add a link:


Don’t make anything that you hope to maintain copyright to into a runtime.
can you just link and load .blend files from a runtime made with the blenderplayer? If so, you retain full control over which license to use for your .blend files. The runtime would be GPL’d an freely distributable, but the content remains as you wish, even if you don’t protect your blends, you’re license may keep them from being re-distributed.
Apricot uses CC license for content to keep it free and to make sure the author remains recognized. Your external content can have any license you want, protected with BPPlayer or not. (I’ve just realised you said the same above, silly me… Y_Y)