Blender or other softwares for landscape/nature rendering & creating?

Hello Blender geeks,
I am learning Blender for a while now but I haven’t tried creating some beautiful landscape/nature scenes yet. I know that there are some gorgeous tutorials out there like from CG geek or Andrew price but when I saw this and some other great nature scenes by the author, I became insecure. Shall I learn the terrain software which the author used for his beautiful scenes (E-on software, VUE) or shall I prefer Blender?

My thoughts:

  • I would like to concentrate on Blender because I want to master at least one 3D-software instead of being average-good in two/more softwares
  • On the other hand I am really surprised by the outcome of this render. It looks absolutely fantastic. And I googled that landscape-focused softwares are capable of managing much bigger scenes. Look here under the sub-title “View, Explore, Refine”. But I am not completely sure about this.

Can you give an 3D-amateur a helpful advice? I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Terragen and vue have dedicated landscape specific features such as erosion, and camera-adaptive terrain complexity to maximize terrain complexity near the camera. Once Blender gets OpenSubDiv 3, it should be possible to get the camera-adaptive complexity, though erosion will have to be done in other software.

For erosion you could get Bryce from DAZ, for 20 dollars, or Wilbur for free: they can add erosion to their heightmaps, which can be used in Blender with the displacement modifier. Blender has its own landscape addon called ANT but does not feature erosion.

However, despite the fact that Blender is not specialized in creating landscapes does not mean it is impossible to do them in Blender.