Blender or The Gimp

Hello Everyone,

I’m a newbie to both Blender and The Gimp. Still watching video tutorials and playing around in both programs. I’m trying to decide which program would work the best for what I want to achieve. I’d like to design a shiny floor for my website. Can anybody tell which program would work best to achieve this? I also want to to build a fountain with running water and place that on my website as well. (I’m thinking I could build this in Blender)

Also, is Blender good for making web graphics? I know that The Gimp is. Any and all help will be much appreciated!!

Newbie :wink:


it quite seems that you´re newbie with graphics in general. Do a bit more research if you want bitmapped or vektorbased graphics for example. And if you want to do it on your own, get started by learning these programs first!
And something towards your last sentence: No Blender is not good at making web graphics, neither is the gimp!
But if you´re able to handle either program YOU´ll be able to make images/graphics for any purpose - got it?

Have fun then


SOmething to look into: Inkscape.

I use it for some web design, and logo design.
Go to source and search it.

Its a great vector based graphics program… Its great.


Drew & Hola,

Thanks for the input. I will continue learning both Blender & The Gimp and I’ll also try my hand at Inkscape.


Inkscape in conjunction with the gimp can be used for Web Graphics (though optimizing your file sizes can be a little tricky). Remember Blender is a 3d modeling, animation creation tool (and then some). Once you have created your animation / 3d image, you will need to think how you want it represented on your website. If you want interactivity you may need a tool like Flash, if it just an image or repeating animation you can simply create an animated gif or similar. The key is to plan your design and requirements.

Any software won`t do Web site-s bi itself with your ideeas and graphics
The software is a tool

Neither Gimp Inkscape or Blender cand do by it self any graphics, you are doing them so!

Learn the tools and make your web page

For shiny floor and fountaine I go for blender you do a Plane on the floor and one a light texture it and you have it even animate the rotation of the floor !

For fountaine you must model the fontaine you can use a circle extrude him 5 timesc and arangin (you`ll have a round fountaine) for the water you make a cilinder put it on the fountine and give it to be the water volume then add a cube and put it along fountine vhere water starts and set it to be the wather start point and then make another one and one to bee the end point along the spere (container)

sorry for my english

Check the fluid tutorial and modeling - texturing

And you will see my advice and it will be pretty fast to manage your worck

Blender rulez!

I thought I saw something here some time ago about using blender to make web3d content. Yes I remember. There was a website and everything with examples. But I don’t remember were it was. If it’s still around then that may work.
I’ve used blender in web development before, so you can use blender. If your new to graphics then creating good reflections can be tedious, but with blender you can just render your reflections. So you could use blender.

But for web content Inkscape is a must, no explanation is needed there.