Blender or UE4 for realistic Archviz

I have a specific question. After years I returned to creating vizualizations. I used to work in Blender few years ago. But today I am not sure if it is still the best idea. What are the pros that Blender has in compare with UE4? Only think I can think of is modeling. But after that why should I stay in Blender and wait for render Cycles every time when I can make a real-time rendered environment and change lightning, camera position and everything else in real time with my customers.

Maybe there is some point I am missing - I would appreciate you can give me some hints and your own experience how to make best archviz in 2021 :wink:


Unreal requires quite a bit more work to set up the scene and it’s not like Cycles takes that long to render these days either. With a decent GPU or two and optix denoiser you get pretty fast results.

There aren’t any real advantages to using Unreal or Unity if all you’re concerned about are still shots. You have access to Eevee now, which can just about match Unreal when it comes to realtime renders, and you have cycles to fall back on if you really want to get the most out of your scenes.

Both will do these days. Essentially, in UE4 you will get realtime at the cost of more setup/scene build time. In Blender, you won’t get realtime, but still relatively fast rendertimes with good GPU, without need of extra work to make stuff engine ready.

So it comes down to if you currently waste more time waiting for renders or making the scene.

You’ve got three renderers now: Cycles, Eevee, and Workbench. Do your modeling and whip out test renders in Eevee or Workbench. You probably can get perfectly acceptable results from Eevee.

Blender 3 and Unreal 5 are around the corner. You can already test both.

And I would actually recommend both. Unreal for animation, Blender/Cycles for stills, for obvious reasons.

business wise, definitely keep investing in UE4/5, the real-time interactive Archviz biz is just getting bigger everyday