Not a scare tactic as much a real question…I have not been able to load the page for the last 2 hours???can anyone confirm?

Yep. I couldn’t get it to load either.

same here :frowning:

Oh noes, the world will end now!

There’s already a sticky topic about this though:

:no:me two, seems to be a 500 server error, usually they work after a few days.
maybe everyone wants blender:confused:
i have seen loads of new people get blender and join the forum.

It is 3DMagix that is taking down blender for copyright violation.

Just wait. It will come back ;). Don’t think you have to download Blender ever 10 minutes, do you :P?

What to do when Blender servers are down? Don’t panic :D!

But I NEED to know the news headlines today! I’m addicted!!!


(panicpanicpanicpanicpanic panicpanicpanicpanicpanic panicpanicpanicpanicpanic )

ohh great now i have to do loads of backups, im keeping blender no matter what!!!

haha its on now, what did i tell ya:

go on blender nation lol

I know there is a sticky…gotta love the “I know all” types…I was wondering if it was for a specific reason, or if it was something with my IP or something…doesn’t matter now.

Then use

Yes, I knew that :RocknRoll:

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

:smiley: there both going down

Crap. Blender is still down. I am worried about the 3dMagix, but they wouldn’t be able to shut us down for copyright reasons or anything at all. They own no rights whatsoever. They just might be angry that the general public cant get on their site. Or at least I can’t anyways.

I checked the 3dMagix, it is down for everyone. Another win for blender.

Its was DDOS attacked and the backups were screwed so it is currently being rebuilt. Even without the eyecandy, it is currently a very comprehensive news site.

Just to be clear: I was joking about 3dmagix.

I know, and it was funny…I thought about quoting you earlier…but I was beaten to it.

I was working on my Vista partition and could see and its wiki just fine, but now on my Linux installation, I am getting the 500 internal server error that you guys are.


Nevermind. It has nothing to do with which O.S. I am in…