forum should merge with this one?

I was looking at the forum at, and I thought, “why should I have to go to 2 places to get what could easily be in one place?” I know that I’ll probably get yelled at, but I’ll try anyway. I think we should merge the forum with this one, and have a bigger elYsiun. It isn’t really that much of a hassle to go to two different forums, but I’d like to have the forum sections that are there (like the one with the testing builds of Blender) with the active community that is here. I’m going to set up a poll, and if you think that it’s a good idea, vote, otherwise, vote the other one.

simply because this forum (here) isthe community. place for us to talk about art and the forum is the “coding” forum. everything related to the development goes there.

They are two very different aspect of the “blender” universe. and anyway, this have been discussed a few times already.

This has been discussed before, won’t happen, so I’ve just locked this thread.