(garbager) #1

Just to say that is finally launched.
Well, that’s what blender fundation website claims, there’s an error message when trying to reach the link :slight_smile:
But it is officially announced !!!

Blenderheads, We have duty to honor this new breed of software !!!

(system) #2

and it’s on slashdot…that means: /. effect (site is down :slight_smile: )

we wait…


(Dittohead) #3

@ the site:

You wanted it you got it…! blender is OpenSource now. We are very sorry that the site is down now but we had to move the server because our previous ISP unplugged us last thursday! Stay tuned we will be up soon.

(system) #4

make an reload!

“The source can be downloaded:…” look at the site :slight_smile:

(snowy_duck) #5

is there a difference between and oh and ummmm YAY! and umWOPEE!

(humphrey) #6

I’m in the process of downloading the blender source code, but I’ve never had any success in compiling programs for OS X… I was wondering if anybody had compiled 2.25 for OS X and could send it to me???

(blackphoto) #7

Why did get unplugged? This is embarrasing to me. I had some friends I was telling them about blender making this big come-back. They snubbed blender, but I had them waiting, and now that this silly site doesnt work at all, I am getting hounded lately as to why “That %@%@ site must work as well as that @%#@% blender app.”


I will think twice before I open my big mouth again. Thankyou.

(Green) #8

If your friends dont approve of your blender ussage they are not your friends.

(blackphoto) #9

Naw, they just try to look out for me. But sometimes things get the better of em.

(snowy_duck) #10

ummm what about my question?

(theeth) #11

snowy_duck: they point to the same IP


(Timothy) #12

no snowy_duck there isn’t