Looking for AWESOME 3D

After brief griefing in IRC about how to impress newcomers with Blender (as i had been trying to do in many occasions) Ton ‘Kaito’ Roosendaal, the man himself behind Blender told me to post this post here and request atleast 10 demo .blends that will fit into these following requiremements.

Renders in 2.49 at 2Gb of mem in 32bits Windows. I assume Blender Internal renderer is required so it can be rendered without ANY fuss ANYWHERE where Blender just runs. I also imagine that the .blends should be as small as possible in Filesize (to ease up downloading them quickly) but ofcourse quality must not suffer for this i guess. Oh and i guess also Plugins are forbid as demoer cant start find that strange custom plugin out of blue. Oh and it must be really nice looking and Finished. Dont post WIP:s..

These files will be used in future to literally Show Off, Or rub in ones face some of the most AWESOMER graphics made completely in Blender. These files will be shared on quoting Ton " Kaito: such demo .blends i’d love to have on too. We should post gallery consisting of .blends in open license."

So lets have them?

ps. This post will be propably edited a lot. (wild guess)

Needs confirmation from someone in the Blender.Org Authority?

Submissions (Possible entries):
BlenRig3 -
Loramelsite -

what license are you looking for? non-comercial GPL license is ok?

Mike Pan (mpan3) recently released a lot of his great works in a similar license. You may want to check it:

The mushroom scene is a must :slight_smile:

Great Thread Bl33d!!

The blend file of the previous version of blenrig is available at my page, I´ll release the new version with textures and everything as soon as he is finished!!.

Remember to download the lower resolution displacement map if you want to render him in a 32 bits system!

Someone with better understanding of these things (Licensess) should say something about these. But i keep hearing CC-BY recomended?

Hi, I don’t really know what you’re looking for…

but if it’s nice pics you want the .blend files to, you can always have my current BWC project. It shows that you can get very nice result with blender with even the most simple scene (if you take a look you can see that it doesn’t really contain any complex stuff :P)

link to .blend


Your thread’s title is not good.
Something like “Blender Foundation Looking for Awesome test blends for 2.5” may make it clearer.

Blend is here
Animation is Here
Just Open Blend file and press ALT+A
Lisense: Do anything with it.

Very good idea, bl33d.

I usually provide all of my projects as images and blend files as well on my site. Some are quite heavy in download size, though.

As license I have chosen the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike.

Feel free to sort through the files.

hi loramel,
awesome indeed!
thanks for sharing & setting the quality level where it belongs. :wink:

That´s a great resource, bot for admiring and learning - thanks!=)

Tried to improve it. But… And they are not looking for test renders for 2.5. Atleast this is not about it. I think Durian is for that.

As what comes to the License i think sounds solid?

Oh and people, c’mon try to gimme something so Kaito wont be disapointed :smiley:

Is there a particular timeline we are looking at here? Much of my stuff (quickly looking back over some things) falls into one of three categories:

  • Outdated. Either myself or Blender can do better since I called it a day on the piece, so touchup would be needed to make it worth sharing.
  • Unfinished. I have a lot of WIP gear that I’m happy with the progress, but it’s WIP gear.
  • Stuff that relies on something that isn’t official stock Blender builds. Either sculpting was done in Zbrush, a custom Blender feature like SSGI was used (love SSGI!), or something like that where the end product wouldn’t be the same without it.

However, currently working on some more fire tests in the lead up to Durian that might be suitable as I am still using 2.49 for the time being with those tests.

Probably the more hints you can give on what you want the better.

Also, running 32 bit Windows and can take 2GB out to put it back from 4GB to make sure my files render ok on the ‘minimum’ system or whatever that spec was about.

I think that you Ben Dansie can whip up an cool .blend out of blue and it would be sufficient anyway. Maybe recycle some old stuff to make new cool stuff?