no longer taking new members?

I changed my email at there…then no longer could log in.
So I created a new account, and that one will not work!
Are thay no longer accepting new members? does not take members, afaik. It is only the foundation site where you can get news and DL Blender.

Are you thinking of another site maybe?


he probably means the forums.

Yes…the forums…can no longer log in?
The help there seems non-existant on this issue.

I haven’t visited the forums in quite a while, so can’t help there, I’m afraid. :frowning:

It let me log in. :confused: Why won’t it let you in? Did it give a reason?

I had to change my email address monday…new isp…updating the new address at all my accounts all day, so far…most changes went fine…except forums.
I changed my email address here at blender artists with no problem…and I thank BlenderArtists for making it easy to do.
When I click on the link to the [email protected], and send an email concerning this matter…the email bounces back!
So I said screw it…made a new account…but that fails log on too!!!
Hmm…what to do?

This is the error I get:
You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password.

Is this something I will have to wait days to be updated instead of minuets? hehe

3dtrc, mail me: jesterking at letwory dot net with your login username and supposed email adress you’ve used. I can check/re-enable with proper info.

/Nathan ‘site admin’ Letwory

ps. no, I don’t want your password.

Never mind, Nathan beat me.

Thanks so much jesterKing for your help on this matter…info emailed.

And problem (hopefully) fixed.


Yes…I’m able to log in now…now that’s what I call support!!
Wish I could get this kind of support from my crappy isp. hehe
Thanks again Nathan.