question (yes i know this is BA forum).

Well i am unable to find a contact / email / suport link of the website.
So maybe you people are in contact with the people of, afterall its a small world…

I have a question.
When i go to the main page and there click on more news button.
Going from there.
You see on the left a link news archive, it contains mostly real old news.
Its the only one that has an archive link on the bottom.
I wonder could that archive link also be “enabled” on the other columns ?
Especially “blender network”, it often contains highly interesting documents that after 2 weeks are hard to find.
I dont think these pages get removed, but something in site linking isnt enabled, it would be nice if it had a link to its archive too.

This is probably a question best directed at the bf-webcontent mailing list.