server down?

i’m doing a walk cycle with the new ‘stride bone’ and need to access the release logs for Blender 2.40 alpha2 because i am stuck.

can someone check to see if loads on their system? i want to know whether this is a problem on my end or not so i can fix it.

Don’t panic. It’s not you. You are not alone. is down.

Wonder if those Project Orange guys are rendering stuff and felt like ‘borrowing’ some server cpu cycles hehe :smiley:

a couple of days ago the disks filled up (they deleted some stuff off the server to keep thinks accessible), so my guess is that they are swapping in the new disk drives and that is why it is down.


With conference video files? :smiley:

With conference video files? :D[/quote]

More like pr0n. Nachos and beer aren’t everything.

I’ve been having the same problems. I didn’t know where else to come but here to find out if other people were having problems.

it still works for me, i just have to wait for up to a few minutes for the server to respond. then the page is loaded.

I am surprised at how calmly this prolonged shutdown is taken by the users here. I haven’t been on these (or other) forums for some time but I can remember has been down lots of people lived in anguish until the problem was resolved.

Is this another sign that Blender is reaching maturity ?




Certainly not. It just that everyone is so busy playing with the new features so they haven’t even noticed ;).

geeez, how long does it take to replace disks!?

More like pr0n. Nachos and beer aren’t everything.

Unless they’re looking at everything on the disk before they take them out :slight_smile: jk I need to get Tutorials cuz nobodyy will reply to my thread for my game.

I dunno if anyone else has noticed, but the Wings3D site is also down/not functioning %|

Hope it’s not contagious :-?

Web-servers need vacation too.

Web-servers need vacation too.[/quote]

Well I mean, I always knew that Wings3D and Blender worked pretty well together, but who’d have thought they’d disappear for a dirty weekend away… shocking… kinky devils :o


Wouldn’t that be a wonderful name for their hybrid offspring ?

Aaaaaahhhhhh !


Oh yeah. It’d be like a codename for a development project… luv it :slight_smile:

AFAIK you can’t merge an Erlang project like wings with a python/C/C++ project like blender.

Not only does the dev team have to learn an esoteric language but you have to accomplish a feat which I’m not even sure is technologically possible.

So from what I understand, Wings will never merge with Blender.

uh, just checking ditto, but you know we were just having a laugh yeah? That we weren’t suggesting any merging at all.

A joke about two websites being down at the same time. %|

Ahhh, I’ve seen a couple of other conversations where people were talking about merging the two. I just wanted to clear it up…

NP then :smiley:

Sure thing, I don’t really think anyone would want them merged anyway. They are both excellent tools in their own right :smiley:

No, that was more to poke fun at the very concept of a merger… as well as a veiled attempt to bring back Free (as in freedom) Love.
(AKA “GPLd Love”, which is trying to outdo a former lover and then publishing (bragging about?) your results.)