Blender Orkut

Um hey I did a search on this forum and I couldn’t find anything so I figured I post something on my find.

If any of you don’t know what Orkut is, I think it’s something alittle like Myspace only more secure and made by google.
(google’s ability to make random names amazes me sometimes)
Well find out about it here.

Anyways though I found Orkut and after some time there I did a search and behold a Blender user group on Orkut. With currently only 243 members joined. It got a forum and everything. I didn’t know if many knew or cared so I decided to post it.

Here’s the link.

Actually I think orkut is older than MySpace.

It wasn’t google’s, but later google bought it. After some time the brazilian comunity took over Orkut:)

I just joined :slight_smile:

– J.P.

Forgot I had an Orkut profile. :slight_smile:

for a sec the 243 was kind of ironic with 2.43 coming out soon