blender os x = slooooow

the man just paid me an ibook G4 1GHZ
and so I installed Blender and python
and was looking forward to some fun…

but it’s real slow- slower than on the P3 600Mhz
w/ 8Mo of video in the office.

I tried switching to thousands of colors
as per the kknowledgebase but
this doesn’t seem to help. I switched the
screen resolution - but character animation
preview is sloooooow

any ideas (other than change of hardware)?

which version of blender?
[yeah, that is about all I can think of]

blender should work fine on an ibook [even older g4 ones]

Something is definitely wrong. One of the computers I use Blender on is a much older G3 iBook, and the performance is better than you are describing.

The only thing I can think of is that the Energy Saver settings in the System Prefs are set for slower processor performance to save battery life.

check blender window dont touch (or is even near of) the dock.

It’s even better to hide it. Apple dock dont play well with all open GL apps, not only blender.