Blender OS

I have an idea! We should make a Blender Operating System!

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Like taking BeOS and remove that e… ?

All that said, what’s needed is maybe just allowing web browsing inside blender.
And burning CD’s !

Or you’re actually serious ? like a blender linux distro ? it’s soo much difficult to know when you’re serious… you’re great !


So here’s my idea. An OS that is Blender Themed, fully customizable, and can run both Windows executables, and Linux Debian and Arch programs with ease. I want it to be the one OS to rule them all. I also want it to be fairly lightweight.

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something perfect doesn’t belong to this world …

Why not? I want an OS that can do everything, just like Blender itself!

Here’s a little proof of concept of how it should look.

It kinda feels like that already …

Blender is the OS, and it’s modes are the different programs that ships with it…
It has programs for modeling/sculpting/animation/video editing/2d anmation etc etc…

That’s why things feel disconnected inside of blender, and the reason why I dislike modes… :slightly_smiling_face: but for some reason they keep growing and growing… :frowning_with_open_mouth:


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About 15 years ago or so, there were some here discussing the idea of trying to take the concept of tiling window management from blender and making a linux based OS out of it.

By now theres plenty of tiling window managers for linux, none of them far as I know have anything to do with blender, but a ‘blender OS’ in that sense is certainly very doable now.


If you want something highly customizable for a power user, use Linux. Some Debian based distro will cover most of your bases, but you can go a step further on Arch based ones (like Manjaro). You can go further, but I really think you get into diminishing returns if you like to minmax all your tools of work.

Now, and I say this trying to be as sympathetic as one can be, because I used to be extremally enthusiastic about anything Blender years ago, so I get where you’re coming from. But you (everybody actually) should focus more on improving your overall art (not even Blender skills, but art in general). An OS tailored to 3D would only make a change in our art quality/efficiency in 0,000000001%, if any.

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The OS isn’t tailored to 3D.
My idea is an OS that can work with any files, like Windows .exe files, and Linux .deb .rpm .sh and others. I want file limitations to be a thing of the past. I want Blender OS to be the one OS to rule them all…

The only OS to run .exe files is ReactOS, and almost 30 years in the making, is almost production ready, but still not stable enough.

As I have been keeping an eye on the project at least 10 years now and still waiting for it, I am really pessimistic about it. It might never become the super OS to rule them all. Or perhaps it would take another round of 20 years.

By that time I think that is more possible to see an OS built from A.I. rather than having developers create a windows clone. :slight_smile:

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