Blender-osm: OpenStreetMap and terrain for Blender


(SovietSparta) #201

X-plane 11 sceneries can’t wait for this :smiley:

(Exkajer) #202

It’s my first time buying paid blender addon and I am a little confused. When I choose paypal method, it moves me away to credit card method. Is there a way to use paypal directly?

(vvoovv) #203

Dear Exkajer,

Thank you for your interest in the blender-osm addon!

I’ve sent you instructions via a private message.

(vvoovv) #204

Coming soon: cities in the darkness created by the premium version of blender-osm addon:

(brothermechanic) #205

woow, really cool!

(vvoovv) #206

Roads and paths will have width automatically in the upcoming release of the blender-osm addon. They will be imported as Blender curves with a bevel object set.

(vvoovv) #207

The new long-awaited version of blender-osm is out! It features widths for roads and paths! All customers should receive a free update!

Roads, paths and railways are imported as Blender curves with a profile object. If a terrain is provided, roads are projected on the terrain.

(Exkajer) #208

Removed old one. Downloaded new one. Tried to install it. Got this:

Did I do something wrong or is it a bug?

(vvoovv) #209

Have you tried to restart Blender?

(Exkajer) #210

Ok, this was dumb of me. You are right. Everything works. Thank you.

(dfblem1) #211


I just picked up the pro version. Not sure if this problem was resolved but, anybody having issues with rendering?
My textures aren’t rendering, hopefully this is a minor issue.

Best Regards;

(vvoovv) #212

The version with texturing is still under development.

(dfblem1) #213


I was following this tutorial;

This method no longer works?

(vvoovv) #214

Your problem isn’t actually connected with the blender-osm addon.

Please try to find out the cause of the problem on a simple use case.
Start from the standard Blender cube.
Scale it up to get the dimensions of a typical building.
Apply the scaling by pressing Ctrl A and choosing Scale in the popup menu.
Perform UV-mapping and material assignment until you get everything working.
Then proceed to the whole district of a city as shown in the tutorial.

(dfblem1) #215

I didn’t think the add-on was the issue. I love it, btw. I will try that later this week.

Best Regards;

(vvoovv) #216

Good news for those who know what a map projection is and for @matali in particular! The support of custom map projections has been implemented thanks to contribution from the expert in robotic systems and blender-osm customer Jeremy.

Download the new blender-osm version via the link in your purchase confirmation e-mail. Further details are available here.

(Roman_K) #217

Hi, vvoovv. Is the satellite imagery projected on terrain already implemented or not yet?

(vvoovv) #218

That feature will be released very soon as a part of the premium version of the addon.

(Roman_K) #219

Thank you. Already bought add-on. Good one.

(vvoovv) #220

Thank you very much for buying the blender-osm addon!