Blender-osm: OpenStreetMap and terrain for Blender


(vvoovv) #263

Thank you for using the blender-osm addon for a long time!

Could you please provide some criteria for that resolution adjustment? Additional details and use cases would be also good for that feature request

I’d suggest to use Blender’s Decimate modifier. Can someone propose a better idea?

(bluecd) #264

Ad.1 Well - depending IF there any choice within OpenStreetmap resources.
Importing from eg. Google Earth gives a choice for bitmap resolution /3 or 4 resolutions to chose from - afaik/,
as to terrain model - as precise as possible. I could not find more precise FREE elevation maps than 50m resolution though…

Ad.2 I meant sth like:

(bluecd) #265

Thanks a lot !
Could not test it so far but I surely will.

(vvoovv) #266

Elevetation data are not part of OpenStreetMap. It is a separate data set (please see here for the details). The resolution is roughly 30 meter. Terrain is imported as is, without simplification.

Got the idea now. I think it makes sense, so I’ve created a ticket for it. However I can’t say when it will be implemented because of the other important tasks I mentioned in the previous messages here.

(bluecd) #267

Thanks for your attention, I think i would be useful amendment to your addon ))

(vvoovv) #268

If you are interested in testing the blender-osm addon for Blender 2.8 and purchased the addon earlier please send a message to [email protected] Porting the addon to Blender 2.8 has been finished!

(vvoovv) #269

blender-osm addon with Blender 2.80 support is out!

Works in Blender 2.79 as well!

Please use the link in your purchase confirmation e-mail to download the addon.

The addon GUI is on the right side in Blender 2.80 and on the left side in Blender 2.79.

(Peetie) #270

In layman’s terms: After downloading the houses and the terrain, is there a way to “shrinkwrap” the houses to the terrain?

(vvoovv) #271

To do that:

  1. Import the terrain first
  2. Import buildings provided that the Blender object serving as a terrain is set in the related field of the addon GUI

(Lumpengnom) #272

Is there a way to automatically set buildings that are on a slope a bit deeper? At the moment buildings on slopes only touch the ground with one corner, the rest floats in the air. I guess the placement script should check if all vertices are on or inside the terrain, not just at least one of them.

(vvoovv) #273

I’ll impove that in the ongoing efforts to make buildings more realistic.

(vvoovv) #274

Import of forests is ready for testing. If you’d like to try it and you are a customer of the premium version of the addon please send a message to [email protected]

(Peetie) #275

Is the addon up to date for Blender 2.8? I thought since the API changed a week ago (I believe it was) there was an issue with user_preferences for a lot of addons, including OSM. I tried to fix it myself, but didn’t work 100%.

(vvoovv) #276

That problem has been fixed in the latest version of the blender-osm (premium) that supports import of forests from OSM. So if one needs an update (with import of forests!) for the premium version immediately please send a message to [email protected]

The base version of the blender-osm addon will be also updated before January, 2 to work with the latest Blender 2.80 Beta

(vvoovv) #277

blender-osm (premium) now features import of forests and single trees as 3D objects.

Download both and using the links in your purchase confirmation e-mail.

Documentation for the import of forest and single trees:

(robi) #278

Hi vvoovv,
I tried to import a forest and trees in Blender 2.79 and I get an error (something related to the inability to create a Collection).
If this (very little) info isn’t enough to get the kind of problem, I will reproduce it and send a screenshot with the prcise text of the error, but my guess is that Collections didn’t exist before Blender 2.80, so hopefully it’s just a matter of using groups or anything backwards compatible.
Thanks for your attention, and for the great addon you made and mantain!

Nevermind: it worked at second try. No idea what the problem was, but all is good :slight_smile:

(vvoovv) #279

Hi @robi,

Thank you for trying the latest version of the blender-osm addon!

It’s recommended to delete the previous version of the addon and restart Blender before installing the latest version. Probably that caused the problem.

(wolfie138) #280

Got the premium version the other week and have been playing a bit - it’s awesome!

one thing - i got a map of Manhattan, NY, and it doesn’t appear to have pulled in any bridge models; a couple seem to be showing just the uprights but not the bridge itself, is this an import fault or simply that OSM doesn’t have them?

(vvoovv) #281

Hi @wolfie138,
That’s the correct behavior of the addon at the moment. The bridge uprights had been mapped in OSM as “buildings” and as consequence were imported as buildings to Blender.

(wolfie138) #282

ah right, thanks for that. hopefully they’ll do the full bridges in the future.