Blender-osm: OpenStreetMap and terrain for Blender


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vvoovv: When I know which materials are for roof and walls, then I can replace those materials with my own.
Like my last render, script replaced all building:colour materials and “wall” material with my own wall material, and the same replace for roof:colour/“roof” with my own roof material.
Rendered image building walls have about 8 image textures but using only 1 material for walls, because of Vray multiID material, I can add for example 30 image textures to buildings with one material.

And those buildings without any image textures, they have no info about roof/wall materials and script do nothing to them :slight_smile:

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The following solution looks quite consistent for me

I will assign faces of roofs and walls to vertex groups roofs and walls respectively.

  • Import with the setting Import as a single object checked (the default value)
  • Separate the mesh for roofs from the mesh for walls. You will have two Blender objects: one for roofs only and the other one for walls only
  • Replace materials for those two objects with your own ones

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I bought this back in december and now i’m playing with it. However…

I have been seeing a lots of disconnected parts - some building shapes aren’t complete - there are flying parts…

I bought this because it imports REAL fast. I downloaded a free one but it takes ages to import. However free one imports very very good. 10 times more slower but shapes are perfect. No glitches! No bugs! Looks super. The add-on i bought has lots and lots horrible objects. :frowning:

I attached the Big Ben from London. It looks bad and unfinished.
I also attached the free one i downloaded off web. Maybe you can figure it out why it imports worse and you can update yours.

Looking forward to your response or for any updates. Thank you.


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Please provide .osm file so I will be able to check.

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you might fix this & update osm website but i see a lot. you cant do it all with your hand. i see in paris or london or new york or sydney… again & again & again…
missing parts - horrible shapes and so on…

Attachments (97 KB)

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btw thank you for caring for what i have to say & others. real nice. Thank you. : )

i imagine if its not too hard can you update the codes of the add on i provided? so it imports as fast as yours? but imports shapes like old self.
your add-on uses pc to the max. a lot of CPU - and almost 12 gb of ram usage. Amazing! free one uses like 580 mb of ram and little cpu.

If you could do that that would be amazing!


(vvoovv) #127

I checked your OSM file. The addon works correctly and completely in accordance with Simple 3D buildings specification of OSM.
The problem was with underlying OSM data. I fixed it directly in the OSM.
So now it looks like this:

The image above also showcases the upcoming support for gabled and round roofs: take look at the roof of the cathedral.

If you see anything inconsistent with OSM, please send a private message.

I don’t think it’s worth supporting wrong things in OSM. If I supported them, then completely correct things would break. Instead we should fix them right in the OSM database. In many cases just add building: part=yes to the building outline to fix the problem (no space between the colon and the letter p, the forum engine replaces them with a smiley).

OSM is a community project where everyone can take part. I’ve been mapping in OSM since 2008.
So please consider starting mapping in OSM. is a good starting point for beginners.

I can send you a development version with support of gabled and round roofs. Just send me your e-mail via private message.

(gurayg) #128

Hello vvoovv,
I’ve just purchased your add-on. I’m a bit confused about how to use it. Hope you can help me find some answers.

-Wiki page says “File → Import → Terrain (.hgt)” but I do not see that option. I see Geo-referenced raster (which has even more confusing options by its own) and I also have osm xml and plain osm imports.
I can import an osm file from but I was wondering how I can import the terrain with it.
I understand, I need a .hgt file for that. But I don’t know where and how I can download a hgt file of an area.
I’ve generated an API key from Mapzen if that is needed but I’m not sure.

I also tried “Metro Extracts” from mapzen which gives a 200 MB osm file and I couldn’t import it into Blender.

My second problem: When I import an osm file the roads are just vertex and edges( no face) also all the roads seem as highway (objects name) Am I doing something wrong?

Anyway, in short, I was wondering how can I download an area with osm data and terrain and import that hgt file using your add-on.

[Addon] Import real world terrain with global coverage
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Thank you very much for buying the addon!

I am asking for your understanding that answers to all your questions are available in the addon description and documentation.

blender-osm and blender-terrain are two separate addons. I don’t state anywhere that buildings from OSM will be placed on the terrain.

Currently I’m finalizing support for gabled and round roofs. The next thing in my list is to intergrate terrain import into blender-osm and place buildings on the terrain automatically. Nevertheless, the building and the terrain will be placed correctly on XY plane (but not on Z-axis!) right now.

Regarding the terrain import. I can’t add more than written in the documentation. Just follow it. The addon will print the URL for .hgt files to download.

Back to blender-osm.

Highways, paths and railways are imported as Blender edges. That’s clearly stated in the addon description.

The largest OSM file I imported had the size 350 Mb with more than 100.000 buildings. It took me about 1 hour. However take care with large .osm files (hundreds of megabytes and more)! They may hang up your computer completely!

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Coming soon: support for gabled and round roofs. Buy it now for just $3.85 and get the release for free

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You can also follow the addon news via the facebook group:

(vvoovv) #132

We are glad to announce the new release of the OpenStreetMap importer for Blender with the support of a large number of roof shapes shown on the image below: flat, gabled, hipped (for a quadrangle outline only), mono-pitched, half-hipped, round, pyramidal, gambrel, dome, onion and saltbox.

Get the addon for just $3.85 from here.

(vvoovv) #133

Coming soon: terrain import and placement of OpenStreetMap buildings on the terrain. Also, OpenStreetMap and terrain data will be downloaded automatically.

Buy the addon now for just $3.85 and get the release for free!

(matali) #134

really great, I’m glad I bought it

(vvoovv) #135

thank you for buying the addon!

(Edmis) #136

fantastic, real timesaver :slight_smile:
then maybe streets next?

(matali) #137

Yes, a way to have the streets modeled would be awesome.

(colkai) #138

Whoops, I appear to have bought your add-on twice! (Didn’t realise I had already bought it)

(vvoovv) #139

thank you for buying the addon!

(vvoovv) #140

The next feature after the terrain will be automatic planting of forests on the terrain through Blender particles.
After that streets and paths as flat faces projected on the terrain.