Blender OSX 2.23 missing features

(Titus) #1

Hi again!

Blender Creator 2.23 for MacOS X is a beta version and I already found oversampling is disabled, dou you know wich other features are missing or working wrong? I want to work with Blender in my Mac but my hard drive with LinuxPPC is dead so I want to know if is better to buy a new disk :frowning: , I already bought a 3-button USB mouse :smiley: .

(VelikM) #2

OS X 2.25 is much better, still beta, but much better, don’t bother with OS X 2.23 the rendering was pathetic. Are you a member? Membership is cheaper then a harddrive :wink: Then you can use 2.25 :smiley:

(Alltaken) #3

blender works using the windows emulator for the mac

i’ve tried it and use it its fine

do you have virtual pc for your mac.

great investment

(Titus) #4

I’m not a member. It’s funny now, at SIGGRAPH I gave to Ton my cooperation in person but not enough to receive the membership.

I’ll try to test the windows emulator if I can get it or 2.25 first, anyway thanks :D.

(fossileyes) #5

:smiley: Hi Titus and VelikM,

Just wanted to thank you both! See my post under elYsiun Chat, titled, I can’t believe it.


(humphrey) #6

Well that answers some of my questions from one of my previous posts! I’ve been having problems with 2.23 and I’ve would love to have 2.25 for OS X.
Oh yeah, how did you get the ppc linux version of blender to work? I spent about 2 weeks downloading yellow dog linux just to use blender and it didn’t work… some stupid display error or something!!

Will OS X blender 2.25 be realised when the code is freed??