Blender OSX Mavericks OpenGL Viewport Performance Issues

Hello Blender Community,

I recently updated my OSX to Mavericks and everything works fine so far. One exception from this is Blender. I experience huge stutter and framerate-issues in the 3D-Viewport. Mavericks runs the new OpenGL 4.1 for OSX, and I think that is causing the problems. My suggestion is that blender has problems interpreting the new OpenGL 4.1.

I never experienced any stutter or lag in the viewport before. The two files you see in the video used to work perfectly smooth.

Is anyone else experiencing these sort of problems? Please let me know.

Greetings from Hamburg,


It would probably be a good idea to post this on the Blender Bug tracker. It may be something they know about but if not then getting upto date info on bugs with that OS would be really helpful to them.

Thank you for the advice. I just reported it to the bug tracker.

Awesome, will be interesting to see what happens with the report.

Im not up on Mac’s these days, but did this change any of ur GPU settings or GPU driver?

FastLeaD, do you still have that lag?

I have exactly the same configuration on my iMac 27 as you, running 10.9 and have no lag at all.
CUDA Driver Version: 5.0.59
GPU Driver Version: 8.18.22 310.40.05f01

I hope you get it fixed

@ knightsilver: Yes i did. There was no CUDA installed when the Mac shipped. So I installed CUDA and updated it to the latest version.

@ jakerlund: Thank you for the information. I guess i’m kinda lucky to find a Mac-User with the exact same version of I-Mac Setup as mine.^^

I downgraded my CUDA driver to 5.0.59 but it changed nothing. I have the exact same GPU driver as you.
So to be honest I have no Idea whats going on. I have no lag or stutter in games or other applications.

But it has to be a problem with the graphics card, because if I try to resize the general Blender window…it works really slow. If I try to resize a normal window…like the launcher for example…it works perfectly fine. Even with Blender running in the background. These performance issues only occur within the Blender window.

Any suggestions?


FastLead, Does changing the windows draw method in the User Preference > System Tab make any difference? < location of option.

I will be watching this thread with great interest, since it’s occurring to me that maybe it’s time to move beyond my trusty Snow Leopard. (Or, maybe not …)

Still, one thing I have learned most-painfully: “software like fine wine … let it age.” Apple’s system-development teams are among the very best on this planet, nevertheless, many issues can only crop-up “in the field,” to be addressed by a slew of Software Updates. I prefer to let someone else take that first “hit.” (Yes, OS-releases are partially timed to give time for the worst of this to be cleaned-up before the all-important Christmas Shopping Season …) Sometime, say, early in the New Year, I’ll consider actually doing it. (Unless Santa Claus puts a nice new Mac under the tree!)

Sigh …​ Apple finally ran out of cats. I will miss them. :wink:

@ aiblender: No, it doesn’t help. Everything still works painfully slow.

Here is an interesting article regarding upgrading vs. a fresh install. Apparently, Finder can go a little bonkers if you upgrade from an older version of MacOS. The article has instructions that may fix this particular issue. It is a big one and if your computer is constantly getting stuck re-indexing everything over and over again then you might experience some serious performance issues. When indexing takes place the CPU is taxed so is the system RAM and constant hard-drive writes will certainly cause you problems as well.…-use-mac-os-x/

This may not be the only setting that carries over and causes problems. With OS’s that are in he 5-8 GB range there are a whole lot of files to account for and things will go wrong sometimes.

I’d recommend doing a fresh install if you have not done so already. There are some fairly straight forward instructions on how to do so in the following article.

I had the same issue (Mavericks Update on MBP15 Ret) and this fixed it for me:

Delete the files


be happy. :o)