Blender Output and Nuke/Natron

I’m trying to get Blenders Render image output in line with my pipeline in Nuke/Natron.
Now, while I had zero problems doing that with other renders V-Ray/Redshift, etc (not in Blender), I kind of struggle with Cycle.

So, main problem is the naming of the EXR Layers. While I can do that in Compositor, I always get an empty and separated alpha channel for each output. The true alpha only works when output directly. Also the names have a max. lengths. (about 20 letters) which is not always enough. Next thing is that the order of outputs seems to be random in the final file. So instead of having Rgb at the top I get it near the button, etc.

Now, you can argue that its easier to do in Nuke, its all about file size. With correct setup I get files like 20 MB in fullHD, with Blenders output its almost double size. I don’t really need Blender diffuse color output, I’m not even sure why its there. I also combine diffuse indirect and direct to a total diffuse output and so on. The Idea is also to add mask out of combined materials etc.

Anyhow, maybe someone got already a setup for this?

Are use just setting output path for passes? In that case try File Output Node

It’s allowing you to reconfigure output whichever way you want.

Thanks, but that’s exactly what I’m using. I guess I have to upload a sample.

If you’re using a proper compositor, you shouldn’t have compositing nodes turned on.
Simply render straight to multilayer exr with all required passes enabled.

The file output node is hacky bullshit and should not be used unless absolutely necessary. You can’t do any modification to channels with it.

Renaming layers is also a bad practise, engine output should always be consistent. Ideally, and I’d assume somebody in the community has already provided this, you should be running a python script in nuke to structure your initial comp for you based on default layer names.

Ultimately though, if hard drive space is that much of an issue, I highly doubt you’ve hardware appropriate for the kind of compositing that would necessitate nuke.

Thanks for clearing that. Just wonder why you put so much hate in your last sentences. You have no reason such an argument at all.