Blender over 10 years.. what are your thoughts ?

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it != m_DynamicMaggie.end()
? Style rule I don’t know about?

So I would guess you guys still have restrictions on what C++ standard you are using, but…

for(auto p : m_DynamicMaggie)

In 10 years, Blender will have been forked by a team of developers who appreciate the importance of convention. 2024 Toaster 3d will rein supreme… and in other news all the major 3d applications will have cheaper and highly accessible versions of themselves.

In 10 years time we will all be glad to have our various back up copies to run on our old outdated computers since the world economies will tank and leave us with what we currently have. “Peddle faster!.. This render is taking WAY too long!!!”

Linus always has a subtle way of expressing his opinions, doesn’t he…

lets re-write Blender from scratch with fortran ! :spin: :no:

In 10 years, Blender will have been forked by a team of developers who appreciate the importance of convention.

A bit touchy today, aren’t we?

You’r an optimist !? :smiley:

Extolling the merits of a portable assembler (aka C) in 2014. Pathetic.

P.S.: haven’t touched C since 1997. Afterwards, only C++, C# and Java.
P.P.S.: @PhysicsGuy Torvald Linus is a known “unpleasant” guy.

In ten years, Blender will finally have that “make beautiful” button people keep asking for in the forums. :wink:

I imagine Blender will continue to be developed at about present rate, and will still be a viable alternative to other 3d modeling apps. I however don’t see Blender being used a key tool in big productions, however it will probably be used in newer studios more than it is used now.

Given your response, I dont think I’m the one whose being touchy.

But in all seriousness, it was a joke with an underlying message. Take it however you see fit.

I guess that answers my earlier question as to whether or not controversial, yet honest answers are desired.

Hard to say. Even 5 years ago I wouldn’t have guessed it would be where it is now.

Is that coming from the viewpoint of you being a developer or a Blender artist? It is easy to get coloured by friends/coworkers/pros opinions of a tool/language, like I for example trust Campbell and Linus over, say, you or some random forum poster, when I myself am only a mediocre shell/python scripter.

Today? SaintHaven has primarily been negative of Blender (devs/community/tool), sarcasm or not. I would propose Devil’s Advocate, but it’s not that at all. He’s a pure pragmatist though, wants and expects only the best, but it makes as little sense as if a Formula 1 team commented on a NASCAR forum about how they should build their cars.

My own idea of Blender’s place in 10 years?
I expect great things :wink: but within reason and probably not that different than its place today, so primarily commercials, music videos, architecture, science, assets, shorts, and varying levels of VFX in features. I’ve used Blender for work in all those examples, but nothing worth advertising because it’s either very local, minor or packshots for Nescafé/L’Oreal/etc. commercials (there are ample interesting examples of Blender usage out there already). I imagine Blender will continue to be used by small studios for this, including “developed countries”, and most likely a surge in indie game dev (assets). Like with Linux, nobody will know/care how much Blender is used because the quality is decent.
In 10 years we will still have people like SaintHaven, BTolputt and others, who are never satisfied and/or critical because major blockbusters & AAA’s still use proprietary software, no matter how many people will be enabled by Blender to produce quality content. To use the F1 analogy again, some people will always long for the most advanced and fastest cars, even if all they have to do is move parcels.

If Blender continues to make progress like it has in recent years, it will become one of the standards in game development. I also see Blender becoming a favourite in Television vfx and low-budget film productions.

I have to wonder, though, if Blender might actually make some headway over the next decade. Autodesk has already dropped SoftImage and there are rumours flying around they’re getting ready to axe 3DS Max, too. They may fold all the features of all their software (the ones they think are important, at least) into Maya and drop everything else. That would piss a lot of people off and some just might stop and think about Blender sitting over there in the corner with 99% of the features Maya has…

And they just might jump onboard. If a few of the big houses redirected even one quarter of the money they put into licensing Autodesk stuff and instead put it into supporting Blender development… well. A lot of things could change.

Scrap the whole thing, rewrite Blender in D :wink:

Hm i think coding c++ or c, well c++ is just an evolution of c, perhaps we use g++ to program gpu’s :wink:
And allready c++ seam to be be smaller code base for doing depth graph thing in blender so…++ has a reason.
But i dont care to nuch about that ‘its all just code’,
And that says to me more that code get accepted in more languages(which is likely to happen), getting a larger user base.
A user base is whats counts these days, its way MS goes down and android goes up (despite i like visual studio).

However I was more interested in future’s or addons you think who might then be possible
For example i can imagine, that makehuman would be integrated into blender
Or that we get generated natural walking, or crowd control using addons.

Besides of the coding, (and in ten years a lot can be coded), the underlaying math is mostly opensource /university material etc.
So with the allready rising popularity of opensource, there is some huge potential of sharing knowledge for programs like blender.

As an example that we are going into such an direction, are recent funds of game industries.
And if i remember correctly :
> opensubdiv was a result of pixar exchanging some knowledge
> blender metropolis render is a unversity degree topic of public shared math put into blender. (interpretation in code is a research
> larger studios use 3d software and customize it to their needs, are already using blender currently not as the main app.
> blenders strong points are that is compatible with so many standards and a lot can be done whitin it without changing you prog.
> In fact thats how MS won the mail server battle, wit Exchange beeeing compatible with every mail system that existed
> made them a prefered choise, above lotes notes/ their own old msmail / x400 based systems like IBM Snads and others.
> so the wider usability compatibility will eventually be the stronger case, to choose for blender instead of Rheino, 3dsmax or others.
> It has happened with MS exchange, but the same was true for (Linux) Android, google setting a standard to support as many devices
> as possible, getting a large user base
> blender does the same; so with i 10 year span, its safe to think that it will becomme more broadly main excepted tool.
> in short the future of blender is pretty bright, closed software isnt that ‘common’ as it used to be, the user club is growing,
> and is realizing that open software is more into their benefit (instead of the pockets filling of some corporate systems, that’s not
> a goal for producing teams… in a sence blender has the winning strikes, it just neads time, so 10 years from now…

I’ll add that in ten years I’ll still be swearing at Blender and wondering why my stuff sucks so bad compared to everyone else :rolleyes:

In ten years I’ll be teaching all my grandkids about Blender, and tell them about the time when we had to use this thing called a mouse and how heated people got over how to input directions with it. They’ll probably pat me on the head and tell me to take my meds, pop, you are sounding like a senile old man… :stuck_out_tongue: