Blender overclock

Does blender automatically overclocks computer hardware or do you have to manually overclock it yourself?

No Blender does not overclock your computer.

I never overclocked anything so I don’t even know how but can you overclock without even knowing?

What is your machine? Do you want to overclock CPU or GPU?
For CPUs, relatively new motherboards have easy configurable profiles from the BIOS. Generally they are called something like this:
Power Save = underclocked
Performance = overclocked

For GPUs manufacturers usually include software to overclock, but doing it, more than once this has caused problems in Blender.

If you are going to overclock CPU, monitor the temperature of your hardware. Stock cooler usually doesn’t allow much overclocking. The same for GPU really, depending on the model of the card.

I mainly wanted to know because I know overclocking can shorten the life of your components and knowing how to do something can help with you not doing it.

Well, you should not worry if you have not modified anything in the BIOS or you have not used any specialized software to overclock.

Thanks for the help.