Blender Paint Thread

Here we can discuss and share about the tools that are now developed in Blender for Paint - since we are seeing them in trunk right now, they should be here for 2.72.

Add your stuff here :smiley:

Here is the video I did on the new curve stroke as a masking tool

have you any idea of why I’m not able to use any masking tool unless I activate Dyntopo, or rather, any tool has no effect?
This has been happening to me along several versions of blender.
EDIT: Until today I thought it was normal, but I now I know that for the others it works.

I have yet to watch the video, but I appreciated the other one by you on the topic of Curve masking, nice to see and inspiring.

Thank you,

No, I don’t know why - only thing I have found about masking new is that you can activate lasso masking with B in sculpt mode. Is masking disabled even when you choose it from the header menu of the 3d View port? I will check on the mac at work when I go back in tomorrow, I haven’t done much sculpting there yet. I do have an old build there that Michalis uploaded a month or so ago.

Sourvinos, try the folowing just to test :

  • File -> Load Factory Settings

  • in Object Mode select the default Cube

  • add a Subdivision Surface modifier to the default cube, set it to level 6 and apply the modifier

  • go to Sculpt mode and enable Dyntopo, select the Mask brush and give a stroke, is it working now ?

Thanks for the quick reply, Craig
if I press B in sculpt mode I get the usual box select tool, but it does nothing, just like any other masking tool, both from shortcuts and from the menu.
I activate the lasso tool by Ctrl+RMB-click+drag, either not working.
I repeat, it is so by long since, not only 2.71.


if I enable Dyntopo I have no problems, masking is disabled only if I don’t activate it.
Anyway I followed you suggestion and… it works!
Now I have to figure which of my settings is the culprit, maybe the Left Mouse Selection?

Thank you!


I have another question about painting, it makes sense that the mask brush can paint any color rather than shades of gray only?


The mask brush in sculpt is just a visual of something like vertex weight but for masking from stroke effect. The mask brush in texture paint uses a black and white mask to allow color through, or disallow depending on how you look at it.

In sculpt you have no color selector and the mask correctly does paint in shades of grey, in texture paint instead, if you chose a color, the mask brush paints in that color, I wonder whether its luminosity value is taken into account or what.


The masking in paint is allowing the color to pass through the lighter part of the mask - you can set different mix modes, but I think you already know that. As I understand it, the value of the mask dictates how much color passes to the triangles’ pixels, and pressure can affect this if turned on. The new masking allows for more types of painterly trails as well, shown on the GSOC wiki page.

Craig, I think we misunderstand each other.
What I mean is that because masking, as you say, dictates how much color passes to the canvas, it makes sense to paint in B/W tones, but it makes no sense to mask with green, so to speak.

Masks are one alpha channel, not three.


I understand - the mask is preferable to be greyscale, but the stroke doesn’t have to be. The paint stroke can use a texture as a stencil, or just a straight color value but then pass through the mask brush which is a separate texture, if this makes sense. I assume that the mask brush converts the mask to greyscale for it to work I guess, I had just always used procedural textures and set them to black and white, and manipulated the size and color band.

Yeah, but it’s quite difficult to guess how much that ‘green’ will work as mask, don’t you think so? And quite puzzling.


Interesting tip: Change a brush to Erase Alpha mix mode, then in the Options tab switch to Fill instead of Draw - you get a sort of Magic Eraser. Need to set your tolerance before beginning to use it as such since the tolerance and strength controls dissappear after switching to Fill with the Erase Alpha mode on, but swap back to Draw and you can set them. A few clicks and you can erase a problem area without needing to try to repaint, and you could also drop another color in place there with Mix mode on.