Blender Particle Explosions with Reactor

Here’s my 1st serious attempt to get particles to react to an explosion in Blender.


[edited again] Here’s a working link -
I have hidden the originating particles in this one, and am uploading the 2nd, that shows the originating particles that this mesh is reacting to.

The 2nd will be posted below.

They are saying your video isn’t available anymore.

Yah, my friend says that they’re working on it.

I think it’s something to do with the video codec used - the video was rendered as .avi, but with ‘avi Jpeg’ compression, perhaps it’s fooling the YouTube server somehow, ‘cause I don’t get any error messages, they just never show up. I’m trying to upload another one, but even as I watch the upload bar, there is ‘undefined’ displayed above it, and this time it’ rendered with the ‘default’ avi setting from the Particles version of Blender. Winamp & WMplayer play everything back just fine. Maybe I need to find another video server.

I’ll wait till I can play it back from YouTube before I post the addy this time, sorry!

I think Youtube only allows you to upload with the Divx codec… scratch that…

Here’s part 2, which shows the originating particles of the reactor explosion