Blender Particle Fluids Surface Polygonizer ?

Hope this is the right place to ask.

What is happening to Particle Fluids Surface ?.
It has been quite a while that we have had particle fluids which behaves a lot better then the fluid simulator, but sadly there is no real method for turning it into a surface for rendering.
At the moment you can use meta-balls to do the job but its very heavy task which pretty much can crash blender when things get large.

Found what I have dug up seems there was a feature being built but no updates for around a year ?

well farsthary has not been very active in blender dev in quite some time now…he moved over to 3D coat and pretty much never returned…as for other solutions I think there was still some work being done by one of the other devs(can’t remember who), but it’s been pretty quiet…al in all I have no clue where this project is going atm…

Does anyone have a link to there work? I think also that dynamic paint+particles can do alot of fluidish things, adding the ability for a volume to break off based of rules would in effect be a fluid sim,

I think particle based fluid sim, a solid made of particles sim/crystals etc, and plasma sim could all help blender to mess with reality,
I have never tried making an addon, but it’s never a bad time to learn, I just download the un-compiled source and then add what I want right? And then see if it compiles? Do I need VB for editing the interface? I want to add more pull downs in the particle-field-Properties tab, Particle Track, Particle force local(per particle), and global, and real forces pre-set like gravity based on mass, and Electric fields and induction ect.

in short, is there anyone who is developing now who can give me a big shove i the right direction/oversee my work?

It really is a shame as blender gets new features pop up and then never finished.
Ill be trying Hperigo addon soon, but I’m worried as my scene could be come heavy when I do the real thing(low settings for now).
Blender needs a better method to keep track of what is under development and what is dead etc.

Recently, z0r worked on a patch to improve point density texture for volume rendering.

But it is not a light solution and it still requires a huge amount of particles.

oh yes you are right there is another one… Also really interesting, but not finished at all…