Blender Particle System, Birth, and Death Animations

I’ve tried w/o success to have a particle system, which renders particles form an object. this object I would like to have some animation sets, like “birth” and “death”.

So when a particle is spawned, or emitted. The object can play the birth animation every time.

same as death, before particles is dead it would be neat if it could trigger the object to play a certain animation.

I could be a toggle option or lists of animations, and you have some trigger points in a particle life.

“death”, and you can pre/post-roll X_number of frames. So before a particle is dead, you can pre-roll 20frames and play a certain animation

Is there a way to do it? have I just missed it.

if particle system is node based, you could have many many more options, etc. a particle life no matter how many frames 0-100, 0-500, could be represented as a 0.0 to 1.0 value.

and you could have nodes triggering each instance of a object to play an animation at let’s say 0.56 of a particle life span.

and many other stuf. logics like, if particle is at Z value of 500 or above, trigger to play this animation … etc.

Not possible now but it’s in the making :slight_smile:

i guess when phonybone has made his changes to the nodes, so we can create nodes via python api, we’re gonna see all kinds of node systems.

That is why I wrote APE for 2.49. It can do some of that. I call them Age Honored Particles.

I do have a personal port to 2.5, but I have not polished it enough for a release yet.

I made a similar request at Blenderstorm.

Basicly the old way (2.4x) of doing this was too much of a hack, so it was never directly implemented in 2.5x. In 2.4x you only had the option of starting some animations at the birth of a particle not death, and certainly not after an X number of frames.,_Interaction_and_Time

Atom: If things go slowly with the new particle branch, a 2.5 version of your script would be kick-ass!