Blender party @NAGOYA,Japan 2008 PosterChara-3D
blend file
simple motion movie (Vimeo)

Original 2D-Character Design
Obahan / daywalker (

Using “Little_fellaX” rig by FreakyDude

Special thanks to Manda (

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un-technichal notes

  1. Shachihoko (しゃちほこ)
    Shachihoko is a Japanese imaginary animal, its head of a tiger and body of a carp. And this ornaments are often located on top roof of Japanese castle to protect them from fire. Especially Nagoya castle’s golden-shachihoko is famous.

  2. Ten-Musu (天むす)
    Ten-Musu is also Nagoya’s famous specially food, riceball with extremely expensive shrimp tempura, gorgeous food.

Good to see some more blendering from Japan :slight_smile:

Thanks for the stylized rigged character.
it is very good.

Thanks comment from Miyazaki, ありがとう^^
I can’t participate in this party, but I hope this party’s succcess, and as you say, more and more Blending from Japan.

Thanks. Yeh, “funny” stylized character.^^