Blender PBR node tutorial series

Hello everybody. I am making a playlist with lots of useful tutorials guiding on how to use my PBR node.
Make sure to watch videos through YouTube for HD quality so that you can understand nodes/texts.

Part 1 | Using reflection maps and setting up lighting

Part 2 | Using Texture Maps

Here I show you how to make your own environment map in HDR workflow. This tutorial is simple, it doesn’t yet recover any of the shader components except where can you change the environment map. This is very important to make objects match their game environment(level) and oftenly this is enaugh for people to know how to do environment maps as everything else is simple tweaking. However, I will recover other parts of this shader too and will try to explain as much as possible.

OK! Sorry - I forgot to add emission and lightmap(AO + shadows) implementation there. Sorry:(

Node setup in v0.07 is very different from video tutorials. Any chance on updating them and showing how to do a complete setup?

Yes, but not right now. If I find time during week, I will do it, but propably it will be Saturday or Sunday…

New tutorial.

Part 1 | Using Reflection Maps & Setting Up Lighting


Part 2 | Using Texture Maps

Another tutorial.

Next planned tutorials are:

  • Optimising scene which uses this shader
  • Adding PBR to a final composite scene

Thanks for the tutorials. It’s a shame this can’t do real time reflections. If I need to do items in a room I would have to do a separate reflection map for each item. It’s still awesome though.

It can do real time reflections.
I will make a demo in minutes. I use the PBR with real-time reflections in Worn Tires. If Blender gets one specific patch commited, than I will be able to add fake HDR to it…

Oh nooooo! When trying to make this demo I accidently overwritted the Worn Tires file and I can’t recover it any way… Why, why whyyyy???:(:(:frowning:

Oh man now you’re going to make me feel guilty about it. :frowning:
Don’t you have a backup? Like .blend1, .blend2 that blender creates every time you save???

The backup was overwritten too, that’s the problem… I think that I have older file with one script different, but script was a seperate file. However, some models and LODs must be done again… Yeah - that’s not good feeling. However, I will upload the demo of real-time reflections when I get time to do:)

A demo like that would be cool, it would make it much easier to make a good looking scene I would think.

As for the lost files, yeah that really sucks. I once lost a whole game I was making because it got corrupted, but I didn’t know and saved over those backup files as well.

[url=]Real Time Rendered Reflections + PBR

Again I must note that the roughness only affects fresnel, but not reflections, because there is no mipmap node yet...

The way it works in real time is not very desirable. When I put a lamp up to the sphere it blocks out the reflections. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? And I’m not sure how to implement this on other objects, because when I duplicate the sphere it will only reflect what the first sphere is reflecting.

No, man - having 2 render-to-texture reflections will cause your game to be unplayable, unless you have GTX 980 Ti GPU and i7 16core/32thread 4.8 GHz CPU. You should understand that this single scene renders reflections 6-times per frame(1 for each side) and already use much resources…

Okay, so if it uses so much resources then how do gta 5 and others do their real time reflections? Do they have dynamic cube and environmental maps? I can fade one material to another(water - plastic) with an animation but that’s about it.

They have graphics settings to set how much objects reflect. Only cars have seperate reflection probes and, AFAIK, the ground. If I am not wrong, than they use one BPCEM real-time rendered box for whole the scene. They also use specific methods to improve game and optimise.

Mārtiņš Upītis has made a GTA V reflection method demo in Blender(I’m not sure how was it called). It is specific method which I can’t implement in nodes myself. I had like 10 FPS in 480p window with it on my GT 610, but it is still decent results. We should wait for him to finish and than see what it is like and if it can be implemented in my nodes.

P.S. It has HDR as an addition…