blender pc issues

I’ve been using blender for 3 weeks now ( blender noob) for my job. I have an art degree and have used other creative programs for a long time, so needless to say I was excited about stepping into the 3d realm. After learning the ropes for a week I started on my first rendering exercise, an aircraft interior. It took me two weeks to compose all the objects, learning as I went about textures, uv wraps, etc. I had it almost finished and then it would do no more (froze). As I progressed appending objects the program progressively got slower and slower. The computer I have at work is a "top of the line " Dell PC ( I’ve included the specs below) wondering if the pc was the problem I burned a disc of the rendering and took it home to run on my Imac, it didn’t do much better. I tried every angle I could think of to streamline my objects too; joining, less subdivisions, less smoothing. it helped a little but at the cost of the image quality, help!

Dell Inspiron 620
intel ® core i5-2310
cpu 2.90 ghz
8.00 GB ram
64 bit operating system
windows 7 “service pack”
intel ® HD graphics family

Assuming the freezing is happening in the viewport while modelling, the main concerns are the graphics card and drivers. If you have onboard graphics you may need to think about investing in a graphics card.

If you have a lot of objects there are things you can do to optimise the scene. You can use layers to separate out objects so that not everything is in view all the time. You can use wireframe or bounding box draw modes for selected objects. You can hide selected objects. You can turn off modifiers in the 3D view while having them on for rendering.

I agree, it’s most likely because of the on board graphics. It’s a nice little rig, but I wouldn’t call it “top of the line” it’s pretty middle of the road, if not a little on the low side due to the graphics. If you are looking at dell… These would be top of the line