Blender pen pressure issue. Pen pressure stops working after opening "user preferences" windows 10 i hope this video describes my problem, and once i get this and save my project i cant find the way to fix it. On every new project it appears only when i open user preferences. My tablet is Veikk a15

Sorry, I tried it out in in 2.82.7 with an old Bamboo tablet and I could not reproduce th result.
It just kept on working…

I did notice that you do not have the texture selected in the image editor.

Using image editor on a second monitor while im working on model, video was just a quick test and it’s no mater you have texture on image editor or no and yeah my blender version is 2.82a i occasionally selected wrong tag, still dont get it - im even tried to download 2.90 and it’s still re occurs when i open user preferences and saddest thing that i saved my last project where it appears first time and now i cant even continue my job.

What settings in Prefs do you have? I have mine set to Auto, 1.0 and .5 in the sliders…
I really don’t have much else ( tablet is a bit old to get any settings in Win 10 ).

i have default settings. it’s actually so weird i cant even found anyone with similar to my trouble, already tried to reinstall drivers reinstall released blender version still no effect on my saved project and still everything works fine until i open preferences.

What graphics tablet do you have? Have you installed the latest available drivers?

Since when have you started having the problem? Does the problem also occur with 2.80 version?

On April 8 there have been some changes to try to solve other problems related to pen pressure, I am not sure if this could have introduced new bugs:

i already mention that im using VEIKK a15 and the official update tool says i have latest drivers. Trouble reoccurs at 2.80, 2.83, steam version, and 2.90. ive tried to change tablet API in user preferences “wintab” does not do effect but “windows inc” kinda works if i turn this function on my tablet settings but strokes appear with delay and it’s not possible to work with that at all. Probably i should find another tool to draw my diffuse. Sad that i cant do everything inside blender im rly like this UI.