Blender performance benchmark idea

I would like to create a benchmark for Blender, what would you like to find in such a benchmark?

At the system information level I want to have the OS, Blender version, Graphics card, CPU version and number of cores and CRC of the blender binary.

The benchmark will use the current benchmarks + some blend files (ideas are welcome).

What do you think ?

look this

@cesio: nice, but how about doing something more automatic? generating the needed OS data automatically and sending it over?

Somewhat related to this - anyone knows if it’s possible to log viewport fps?

Would be great to have a unified benchmark for editing performance.

11 years man? seriously?

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Why create another topic when there’s already one which is perfectly suited for what it needs to be. Kind of in the spirit of the 2008 banking crisis, not wasting any realestate here… :slight_smile:

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