Blender Performance issue

Hi guys, I am kinda newbie in Blender but there is one think which prevents me from using this awesome software. Blender get really slow with more geometry in it. I am not sure if that’s something with setting but when I load a scene in 3DS Max with 20 000 000 polys it still runs OK but when I am getting over 5 000 000 polys in Blender it’s really sluggy. I’ve done a test with imported OBJ trees just to compare them… and I get the same result - While the 3DS Max was able to hande that amout of geometry Blender was useless.
Can someone please tell me if is there any setting or anything how to increase Blender performance?

Known limitation. You can try to decrease triangle count by hiding objects, use boundary box, etc. Maybe as well your system OpenGL driver issue, Blender use conventional OpenGL primitives for viewport. Some workaround, many high poly scenes work much faster in Cycles preview viewport then even wireframe OpenGL.

That “classic post” needs to be a Sticky …

It also depends on the type of scene, and whether you use Nvidia or AMD. My experience tells me that AMD card perform better in Blender’s OpenGL. But certain textured scenes do horribly in texture mode - solid mode works well on AMD, though.

An addon like “fast navigate” can also mitigate viewport lagging issues to an extent:

And yes: that “classic post” should be made sticky. I don’t understand why it is not.