Blender Performance Issues

this is my first post on blender artists.
I have just bought a new laptop and am experiencing terrible performance in blender.:(:frowning:
The specs are
GPU:GTX 485m
Windows 7

The viewport lags severely with anything over 200,000 faces with over 1 million thre is a 3-5 second delay when moving the viewport around. I am very disappointed as this laptop has the most powerful gpu in a laptop today and my 6 year old computer performs better.

Any help appreciated.

When I got my laptop, it performed poorly until I updated the graphics drivers. The OEM drivers that come with laptops generally do not take advantage of acceleration. What was worse, when I went to nVidia and ran their latest driver installer, the stupid installer told me I did not have a nVidia product in my laptop.

The only solution I could find was to add a hacked driver to my laptop from laptopvideo2go.

Uncheck Double sided in Object data panel and enable VBOs in User preference system.

There is some problem in Fermi video cards.


@400’000 tris turning on double sided lowers frame rate from 3.5fps to 1.2???

I read Andrew Price’s “Ultimate Guide for Buying a Computer for Blender”, he says in his specs that he uses a GTX470, but he seems unaffected in his tutorials by the fermi problem??