Blender performance

Hello there,

I just got myself a new computer with the following specs:

  • CPU: i7 3632qm 2.2-3.2GHz
  • Ram: 8Gb Ram, 7Gb Ram always available!
  • GPU: Nvidia Gt645m (2Gb dedicated)
  • Harddisk of 5200 rpm
  • Windows 8 OS (don’t flame me for it! :D)

well now I want use Blender to model (ofc) very detailed models, but as soon as my normal installed 64-bit of the latest blender version hits about 1.5 mil vertices (a cube subdivided 8 times) the program quickly starts to run slower…
But when I check the resource usage of blender it seems my system still has much resources left! So I’m just wondering, is there a reason why blender gets so slow with this amount of vertices? Is it just Blender or is there a setup so I could enhance my experience?
I just want to be able to make very high poly models so I could sculpt very detailed, so that’s why…

Thanks in advance,

Yup, I actually saw this tread, somehow must have forgotten about it lol. Ty got it up to 3 mil vertices without lag! :smiley: