Blender PGN reader ... help me please!

Hello everyone, I’m a beginner of Blender and a chess enthusiast.
I modeled a chessboard ( and I had decided to make a program (with Python I know very little!) that reads the PGN (Portable Game Natation) files and through an interface with Tkinter that refracts the moves on the chessboard.
I’ve done quite a lot of work and that part I did works (with some print () I check everything), but only now I noticed that the pieces move them, but Blender doesn’t update the 3D window until the script ends!
I looked for ways to solve this problem and found a script that circumvents the problem thanks to Time events. Unfortunately, my very limited knowledge of Python and Blender does not allow me to integrate the procedure into my (spaghetti) script. Now I’m looking at the BGE, at Panda3D and PyGame module. I’m sure there’s a way, but get there…
I was wondering if you have any suggestions.
I could possibly post everything (blender files and Python scripts).

Thank you and excuse the length of the message and the bad English.

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