blender physic -> 10K cubes with uv texture

my first mass physic video :confused:

How did yuo get them to actually WORK? I’ve tried using blender physics for even some really simple stuff and for some reason it always messes up. One time i was trying to made marbles and they all fell into eachotehr and didnt work at all…

what mean “work” ?
if i properly understand your problem - u should use large cubes/planks/etc -> and than they will stay%work normal
my cubes are x,y,z =4 size and min. radius

I have a problem with spheres mainly, they just fall into eachother. Although i don’t usually rely on the physics, i was thinking of doing an animtion where a hole jar of marble fell of a table, broke and then all the marble went everywhere…a bit impossible when inside the far they basically just morph together and form clumps of crap…

Hmm into each other ?maybe problem in radius ? Or collision bounds ?

It looks very nice!
How did you do to stack all cubes like a pyramid?


and then delete some unused levels with selector

Ouch… so you manually placed all cubes on the bottom layer (copying several at once i guess) and then copied all of that to the next level and deleting the outer row… and so on?

I wish there was some way to do these things easier, like using some array with add/subtract on levels, and finally apply that array and get individual objects.

i know about array , i havent any problems with copy paste.need just delete and move unused- 5 min. :slight_smile: