Blender Physics introduction help.

Hello i tryed finding out about bullet physics, and how it’s formed with blender, but how would i set it up? i have blender, and i have bullet physics in binary form (im pretty sure it’s all binary/ no install) could any one inform me of how to get started? like a video?


You don’t have to set it up, Blender already has the bullet physics in it.
maybe try some of these tutorials.

Yea. Bullet is already part of the engine. If you want something to have physics like it can fall or make it a softbody just go to the gamelogic tab and click where it says static and choose what you want to change it to.

Bullet is integrated into blender’s source code so you don’t need an src or binary. Here’s an example blend. When you open it up press “p” and it will start the game.


physics.blend (48.1 KB)

Hey thank you guys soo much!! i don’t get help like this ever lol.

again i thank you guys!:smiley:

What mode do you have it on? i can’t even move the objects!

And is there a button or level i can put on the soft bodies?

Follow this tutorial:

It will show you step by step how to set up dynamic objects in blender.

The UI is a bit different now but you should be able to figure it out.

Yupp :slight_smile: i just did thank you soo much…!:D:RocknRoll: