Blender physics massive bug!

Check out the attached file

Basically a nice domino setup but as soon as the physics ball lands on the box which is NOT CONNECTED TO ANY OTHER OBJECT. A large earthquake happens and everything goes absolutely flying. This should not happen, what is wrong?



Set the two large boxes’ collision type as static. Then align the dominoes a bit better with the ground so that they don’t all fall down a little bit when the simulation starts.

the two large boxes have to be dynamic (altho frozen) for a neat little feature where if you press X the supports dissapear and they all fall off, that shouldn’t matter though as they are disabled on the first frame. And as for the main dominoes, i’ve zoomed all the way in and gently lowered them about as far as possible without going through the next object, in which case they’d pop back up

I’m no great expert with physics but check your logic bricks. Disconnecting the ones for the box the ball falls on stops the explosion.

I’ve found that those two particular logic bricks in themselves don’t work particularly well. Disabling works fine, but once you try to enable it again, it’s calculating the physics movement before it is fully enabled again (in the same game frame) so things can go flying. In any way you can, just avoid that type of logic brick. May IPOs with it being static and all? (I can’t actually tell what you’re trying to do with that block)

On a side note, I noticed that even when I removed the cube with those logic bricks, the lower part of the structure still collapsed on its own accord anyways, so you may need to shorten gaps between the pieces, lower the gravity slightly, or widen the base of the dominos (if you copied using alt-D instead of shift-d, this would be very easy…)