Blender Physics Oddity

I’m using 2.6, but this oddity exists in 2.59 as well. I add a cube, give it rigid body physics, and break it into pieces using the fracture add-on (only the fracture part). I place a plane some distance beneath it which comes up as a static body. When I press P, the cube properly explodes but some of the shards fall through the plane and some slide off the front edge. The front edge problem happens no mater how large I make the plane. The porosity of the plane is an enigma - to me. Is this just a quirk or am I doing something wrong (or forgetting something)? Thanks in advance.

You may be able to help the physics engine by upping the physics sub-steps in the world> physics tab, but beyond that it may be a quirk, as it did that to me too.

On a side note, I never knew this plug in existed! Its quite fun to mess around with.

I’ll try your suggestion. The fracture add-on is fun but has some quirks as well. Using the add-on’s set up shards gives rigid body physics to all the pieces as well as alters the mass of the pieces proportional to size (volume I guess). That said, I’m using only the fracture part AFTER giving the object rigid body physics. When the fracture is done, the physics settings are applied to all the pieces. This results in equal mass for each piece, but control over physics such as collision boundary margin is possible.


For your sliding pieces have you try increasing the material friction value ?