Blender Physics Test

These are shots from my current animation test with Blender where I was trying out the Physics Simulator from within the app. It did turn out quite fine. :slight_smile:

Rendered with: Blender Internal

You can see more info, complete animation, and my scene setup on my blog >

Thanks. :slight_smile:

this feels uber christmas to me.
like a scene from a mobile phone commercial.

You did it again! :smiley:
One of these days I’d like to have a look at one of your Composite Node setup :rolleyes:

yellowworm: Geez, yeah, hahaha! I noticed that just now. I wasn’t able to realize that then. Yay. Hehehe!

ShilaM: Hi! Thankies! I’d love to share it to you someday. =p

very good reyn! again…i love the colors :smiley:

Thanks, garuhhh. :slight_smile: