Blender Physics tutorials/training $$$

Can anyone recommend a thorough and well done tutorial that covers all of the blender physics panel modifiers (softbody, cloth, fluid, smoke, etc.) as well as (most importantly) their settings/parameters?

Most tutorials I’ve seen on youtube and vimeo are poorly done or more like demos.

I’m also willing to pay for a few hours of one-on-one training over skype on physics because it’s so time consuming to muddle through – although I’m making my way through it, I’m looking to “cut to the chase”, so to speak.

Soft Body


Dynamic Paint



Force Fields

In depth fluid and smoke tutorial (Part 1 of 4)

In depth dynamic paint tutorial

Wow Idh1109, those are great resources!
On behalf of everyone, thanks! :slight_smile:

Well, I know all the basics and would be happy to help, so PM me or something if you can’t find anything.

Except for soft body, which I can never seem to get quite right, but I could figure it out and then tell you. Those videos explaining what each thing does is great, but they don’t give every single setting so it you can’t really just take those and run.

Also, there is a new bullet branch for rigid body physics that works pretty well, but it’s still a tad buggy.

These are terrific. Thanks very much.