Blender pics...

I’m just testing the new blender and these 2 pics came out…

the pics are 1024x768 so they are quite big… sorry.
So are they horrible and should I get back to work…?

naaah they are pretty nice - i especially like the first one.
Could use something “more” in the scene though, like a weird alien world or whatever :wink:

the foundation logos are quite nice… would make a nice wallpaper with a little post & the bg maby something else than black.

some funny subsurf artifacts in the bloodcells… how did u model them? Otherways some more material to those things to make them seem translucent (not just plain transparent please)! also a little a bit movement + motionblur and u’re all set!

so nope not at all horrible :smiley: but some tweaking could make them something more than just “not at all horrible”! 8)

Nice images,

the logo une is cool, but I don’t like the specular line on the leftmos hexagon of the foremost logo.

Bloodcells have subsurf problems, as noted by kruppa. This is due to the triangular faces you surely have there, you probably spinned the cell profile, right?

YOu should get rid of those tris or surround them with coplanar quads.


The blood cells is just circles whit some small extrude… I know that the cells aren’t perfect but I’m working on it… maybe whit planes and serious subdivide and subsurfing. :slight_smile:

Whit the logo I have small video

it’s 20sec and packed whit XVid… around 2 megs. (nice res) and 4h of rendering…

You should combine the two… make the Blender Foundation logo type dealy look like blood cells… the same texturing and stuff flowing through someones viens. It would be an interesting twist…

Eh this is really nice work, but anything is nice to me x.x

Considering I’m a newbie…

But the first one did make a nice wallpaper for me :wink:

Great work!

Hmmm… Yes… Good for a wallpaper…
Good job!