Blender Player freezing


i downloaded a couple of games made in blender, The .exe start up fine, but after 3 minuits it freezes up completely. Is there a fix for this or is my computer the only one that does it?

Try updating your graphics,sound,CPU, and motherboard drivers.

Also make sure you are running service pack 2, you can get it from the windows live update.

hope that helps.

just out of curiosity, has anyone else run into this problem? I would like to know because I just baught a new computer specifically for blender, and if it can’t run the exe’s…:frowning:

Thanks Mmph! ill try tonight. fingers crossed…

None of the exe’s work? If only some of them do not work, which ones do not work? Have you tried downloading .blends instead? Do your own exe’s work?

None! mine freeze, your Zark 2 game freezes, I tried some other one, cant remember what it’s called, it froze…All exe’s. The EXTREMELY slow computers at my school can run them at 1fps but it never freezes. oh, and the black colors on my games go gray. is it my computer’s setup?

I’ve got:
dual 2.8GHz possessors
256MB nVidia GeForce FX 5500 AGP card
Windows Media edition
DirectX 9.0c

This is SO annoying!!!:mad:

.blends work fine, but that won’t help when i want to distribute my game. Also, games made in 2.25 don’t freeze. 2.25 is the most stable version in my opinion, but i like some of the features in 2.44, so i’ll use it for now.

ok. sounds still play at the proper time, it’s just the video that freezes.


i updated my driver for my video card and everything works fine! thanks Mmph!

But there is still that grey problem…
Everything that is black looks like a light grey, it looks like there is some sort of mist.

Glad to help :smiley:

as far as everything going black, you might not be in textured mode.

I found a bug too when you have lights that are not in layer 1, and lights that get added from any other layer as well.

Did you make the file in 2.45? If not try a new test file made in 2.45, this might be the case too.

if that dont help, just post a .blend file, and we can take a look at it for you.