Blender player runtime, can't see most of my objects.

I made a windows executable of my game, and everything seems like working, no errors in console, but I can’t see most of my objects. They just disappeared, 100% transparent. I can’t find obvious regularity, in which objects are visible, and which are not. I can see all instances of only one object, some other single objects, and a couple of far terrain chunks, which is odd, because all other chunks has exact same material. And what is really odd, I found object, that is visible except of some polygons (I checked both sides).
Same thing in multitexture mode.

What else should I check?

I found, that proper Save as Runtime function is in current dev’s to do list. Will it work any different with current addon? Will it still require 20 megabytes of python libs? Should I worry about my bug will stay even with builtin Save as Runtime function?

There is currently a bug with the Blenderplayer involving modifiers. Try applying all non-armature modifiers. The Save as Runtime addon is the solution to “Bring back the Save as Runtime option”. That todo list is/was a little outdated.

But I don’t have any. That’s must be my tricky library linking system. I tried to make smaller example of this bug, like taking only couple of objects or smaller scene to show you, but this examples worked, and all objects was visible in runtime. I will play around with this some more, then I will upload whole game project.

And to that to-do list. Make Screenshot is working. The only trouble, it doesn’t replace # with frame number.

Here is my game. Please, take a look, if you have some time.

I still can’t figure out any cause of object disappearing. My only progress - I made tree billboards visible, by attaching it’s mesh to pine billboard (the only instance, that was visible), and then detaching it back. Same trick didn’t worked with terrain.

this is caused by glsl material. if you set it to multitexture or singletexture it will show all objects. but last blender is fixed, i think

yeah, were fixed in 2.62