Blender playing up in 32 bit colour

Hey everyone, I’m new here so if I slip up, please go easy :yes:.

I’m running Blender 2.48a on Windows Vista (32-bit). I’m not gonna pretend the laptop I’m running it on is best suited to 3d work, it’s certainly not bad, but you know, build in graphics chip and all that.

While the display’s colour is set to 32-bit certain things don’t quite work. The things I’ve noticed are fairly nominal, but annoying nonetheless, such as the ‘About Blender…’ pop-up doesn’t show, mouse gestures don’t work, etc.

Setting the colour to 16-bit fixes this, but I’d rather not do that if possible. Does anyone know of a way round this problem, aside from the obvious answer of upgrading my system?


I had a similar problem and I changed my color scheme from windows vista standard, to windows vista basic. (thanks to the advice of another member on this forum) It worked for me.

Ah yes, that also helps thank you. While not ideal, it seems a better solution than changing the colour quality.