Blender Plays more then I want

I couldnt find anything on this problem so I hope its just me and not the software. I have Blender 2.40 (but this also happend in the last two versions that came out). When Click play in Scene–> Anim some of the project im working on now comes then a crap load of other stuff which i have done before the files are /temp/(numbers starts at 1 ends at 250)/jpg if someone could please tell me how i can make it only play the animation I am working on and not this other stuff it would be greatly appreciated THANKS :smiley: .

P.S. and while im at it does anyone know how to put a blender animation on quicktime or windows media player?

I’ve noticed the same and the only solution I found was to find the temp folder/directory and delete all the unused jpg/tga/png files from it. Blender seems to play whatever it can find in numerical sequence in that directory.

thanks ill try that

Use F10, in the “Output” you can see the directory where your output ends up. Add a filename to the end.

WRT the animation. Look in the format panel, you probably have jpeg selected, see what other options are available, AVI Raw is pretty general.