Blender Playstation 1 info......(I have something)

Hey guys! Guess what…I made this thread(as outdated as PS1 maybe) about a Blender-PS thing I found. I’m no dev so I have no clue. Visit this: , and download: neogeo.tar.gz. In this file there is a file called Playstation_engine. seriously. So if someone could…:confused: look in?

Very interesting. I’ve heard of a Playstation blender before, but I never found it (or really cared to look).

BTW: all these builds are really, really old.

Here’s a question…Whats it do/for?

Well, after taking a look at it, this might actually work on the PS1. However, all the files that you linked us to are source code files. In order for it to work on the PS1, you would need to compile the source with a PlayStation devkit… which is something I don’t have.

That’s something NeoGeo (the studio where Blender was born) worked on, and probably didn’t finish or make use of, seeing as the company ceased to exist shortly after their only game was released.

read some of this short thread:

glad you found this stuff. also what game did they make?

They made a game called The Lost Ride, for the CD-i. There used to be a .blend file with a short sequence from the game in it included in the regression files for the earlier versions of Blender (2.1x-2.2x), but it was replaced by a different scene (or a remake?) afterwards.

Blender on the PS3 using Linux. (Link)

Technically, wouldn’t it just be easier to port blender to a console game though portable versions of Linux. Linux already runs on many console systems.

IIRC neogeo was from the very early days of blender, before NaN. Blender was the in house tool there, written by Ton.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was stuff there relating to the playstation, given the work they did.

awaits older blender user to correct story


If you can run blender into a psx then you can run blender in PSP, cause PSP has a PSX1 emulator.

Hmm…a ps1 dev kit. now that’s where ton need’s to come in. or ideasman42. he actually linked to something blender>ps1.

C’mon no one to help me? I am no dev and i got no idea how to…

I just reviewed a old thread and turns out Ton is hiding the PS1 Engine in his pocket.

the PS1 has 33 MHz and 2 MB of ram. do you really want to run blender on such a machine? :wink:

For anybody thats interested you can read the review of The Lost Ride Here at this linke It only received a D+ but a D+ is passing.

Something else I found interesting is that colleges and universitie students studying computer science or computer architecture may be able to get there hands on Play station hardware and SDK’s


For the sake of correct history:

During '96-'97 we, at animation studio NeoGeo, tried to expand our bizz with making games for PS1. I coded a game engine which was running inside of Blender, and ported this entirely to PS1 (16 bits fixed point math!). Demos as you can still download here:
These demos (apart from draggonade) were actually made to run on PS1. You had to export a special fixed point version of the .blend for it though.
Attempts to get a publisher contract didn’t work out, so we decided to dissolve the company (partially continued by another company), and I founded NaN to further exploit bizz with Blender.
When Blender became GPL in 2002, I also was allowed to publish our NeoGeo codebase, which is in the “Chest” directory. I had to remove all PS1 code or includes from it though. Only someone with official ps1 dev kit can use this now. The rest of the code needs a SGI with irix 6.5 to get it running, but there’s definitely very cool goodies still!


ton and blender certainly make an interesting story dont they xD

Wow Ton. srry bout that. I saw a post from campbell on another thread so i thought… Srry. So why does Sony not share the PS1 SDK? When my PS1 broke I wanted to replace it, but they have some left over systems from 200-. i didn’t replace it. Sony doesent release new games, their already at PS3, why not? :no:
I just wanna say, in the anti-ness to the keeping of SDK,
Open Source rules.

Who would want to develop games for the PS1 now? Pretty much every PC in existance now is more powerful.

Now developing for the PS3 and Xbox 360 may be interesting, but I don’t believe any current devs have that as a priority.

A few reasons why maybe:
-SDK could give crackers a way to get into the inner working of games and steal stuff, (easier at least).
-too similar to ps2 sdk.

ofcource I don’t really know anything about it.

could this work?