Blender "plop render"?

When I first started playing around with 3D (well, on a PC anyway) I was working a lot with Bryce. Now, while Bryce is lacking in a number of ways concerning modelling, it had a nifty feature called - I believe - the “plop render” that I’ve been missing in Blender since.

Since it’s always possible I’ve just missed it in Blenders vast array of settings and buttons, I thought I’d ask if anybody know of such a feature. Basically it enabled you to just drag-drop a square on the render window, click a button and the program would render the final version of only that selected area of the image.

This was a huge time-saver when working with complex scenes and having to do many tiny changes in single details, and while you can cut down on render time by hiding layers in Blender as well, it’s not quite the same thing of course.

Does anybody know if Blender has anything like this? ie the ability to restrict rendering to only a specific area of the cameras view?

there are two ways for doing this in blender.

  1. in camera view, press shift + B and click and hold to drag a border. Only the stuff inside the border will be rendered

  2. There is a render preview window. Press shift + P in object mode to view this window, then just drag it to the are you want rendered.

Aaa-ha, yeah that worked like a charm. Suddenly it became very embarrasingly clear to me how much time I’ve wasted not knowing about this.

Thanks a lot for your help! =)